“He wrote the songs, I held the pen.” -- Harlan Howard

Thursday, January 6, 2011

True Confessions....Radio DJs I Love(d)

Reading all the stories about the, well-deserved, upcoming tribute concert for DICK PLEASANTS at Sanders Theatre this Friday (1/7), got me thinking about the handful of radio personalities who I've loved listening to over the years. Here goes:

1) Salty Brine (WPRO-AM) - we cherished hearing the "no school" announcements as much as The Beatles, The Cowsills, The Monkees, The Supremes and Neil Diamond. For over 50 yrs, Salty was a trusted friend on RI radio (and television, along with his side-kick collie, Jeff). Until recently, I had no idea he was actually born in BOSTON!

2) Eric Jackson (WGBH) - coming in loud and clear, all the way down to Narragansett, RI. "Eric in the Evening" is still a must each evening, he's always been kind enough to entertain my request for Air and The Art Ensemble of Chicago (in spite of numerous listener objections to such "noise"). Thanks Eric!

3) Charles Laquidara (WBCN) - a legend, a wild man, Duane Ingalls Glasscock and Mishegas on the Big Mattress were daily requirements along with . . . the ROCK! How often were you late for work, unable to leave your car, while waiting for the unsuspecting caller to realize it was a prank? The best!

4) Dick Pleasants (WGBH, WUMB) - the ultimate radio voice and knowledgeable nice guy in the biz, his Folk Heritage shows/interviews were the best and his UMB morning show got everyone off to a fine start each day.

5) Brian "Ol Sinc" Sinclair (WHRB) - as co-host on the long-running, original Country jamboree, "Hillbilly at Harvard," Ol' Sinc provided the ying to Cousin Lynn's yang. Smooth voiced, quick witted and damn smart. There wasn't much Sinc didn't know about Country music or red headed women.

Naturally, there are plenty more wonderful DJs behind the mic, over the net, and at a slew of college stations across the country (we are blessed to have so many right here in New England)! The above-listed DJs are the 5 who've had the biggest impact on my ears over the years. Who are some of yours?

Remember. . . turn your radio on!