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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

** Polar Plunge THIS Saturday, March 3rd! **

I've been a proud member of the "On-Shore Support Team" for over 20 years, providing assistance with towels, tissues & terry robes, plus documenting each and every bone-chilling move that my husband, and other coaches, makea while braving the elements.

Read on, give what you can - it's a great cause!

And, as ol' E.T. would say, "Thanks, thanks a lot!"

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As many of you know, I have been associated with Special Olympics of Massachusetts (SOMA) for over 20 years. My role as a volunteer Special Olympics basketball coach for the GMPI Red Hawks continues to be one of the most rewarding activities in my life. I am grateful to both our local program Greater Marlboro Programs (GMPI) http://www.gmpinc.org/ and SOMA for providing me this opportunity.

The coaching experience is awesome. But, sometimes it’s great to add a little extra if you can.
A little sump ‘n sump ’n, if you will. So a little ballyhoo is in order!

I know there hasn’t been much weather-wise this winter. Actually, it’s been downright boring for us weather watchers and Nordic types! So I’m taking the Blue Line to Revere Beach a little early this year!

This winter’s been mild for sure. But the water will probably be below 40 degrees on March 3rd. and the sea may be angry! We’re having a little beach party they call the Polar Plunge. Who doesn’t like a beach party, especially if it involves some eccentric attendees and a classic “man against nature” theme?

However, this is no idle get together! The Polar Plunge helps support 11,676 individuals with intellectual disabilities that have chosen to live a healthier and happier life by participating in programs offered by Special Olympics Massachusetts.

All Plungers and Chickens are asked to raise a minimum of $250 - will you support me?

For every $100 I raise one athlete will be able to take part in Special Smiles screening. As part of the Healthy Athletes program, Special Smiles offers dental screenings, health education and prevention services, and refers athletes to potential sources of treatment and follow-up care. If I raise the minimum of $250 I will pay for a group of 10 athletes to participate in a Healthy Huddle session. Athletes who attend a Healthy Huddle session will receive health education and awareness about sports-specific topics. They will get to see a speaker and take part in an interactive portion of the event. Each athlete will take home health education tools and materials and, hopefully, become a better athlete on and off the playing field!

So what’d you say team? Let’s “huddle up” and throw in a little sump’n,sump’n ! Of course, I’m pretty late getting started (sorry for the delay )as usual. The Polar Plunge is this Saturday for god’s sake! No need to panic though. Just “Be quick, but don’t hurry” to my website, click image above.

Note: For more on the Athletes of Special Olympics Massachusetts and how you can get involved visit www.specialolympicsma.org/